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Spotkania z Filmem Górskim Association

Since 2005, we have been organizing one of the leading Polish festivals promoting cinematography and mountain culture in Poland - Moc Gór. We create projects full of inspiration, thanks to our passion for the mountains, supporting your passions! The festival is not only about sitting in front of a big screen and meeting the best climbers and mountaineers from around the world. In addition to lectures and screenings, events promoting sport climbing are organized every year - the Zako Boulder Power Polish Cup and Championships in bouldering, climbing competitions for children, Front Run and a project promoting safety in the mountains - the Mountain Academy. One of the biggest challenges undertaken by the association was the organization of the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS in sport climbing Małopolska 2019, which was the most important European climbing event of the season. We also managed to conduct the WMRA Tatra Race Run 2021 WORLD CUP in mountain running and the EUROPEAN CUP in sport climbing Małopolska 2021 in Krakow. Tatra Fest Bieg is our next sports project, which aims to create the most demanding mountain ultra running competition in Poland. We are a group of enthusiasts and we especially want you - the participants and fans of Tatra Fest Biegu - to provide you with full impressions and unforgettable emotions.


Spotkania z Filmem Górskim Association
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We do not forget about education - we want our sports event to serve more than just competition. We want to show the Tatra Mountains from a less obvious perspective, draw attention to their beauty, turn to conscious tourism. That is why we invite you during the briefing to a short lecture on what to do to save our planet. Let's do sports according to the idea Leave No Trace.

At the same time, we ask you to take cups for the duration of the run to fill them with drinks as part of the nutrition points. We do not plan to use disposable cups at the points.